AGI Growth: We're All AGI.


AGI is a global leader in the world food distribution infrastructure. They engineer and construct massive dock-side facilities throughout the world's ports where they handle, store and process grains. The research we conducted suggested that AGI could separate themselves from the product-driven advertising of competitors by focusing on human elements, expert staff and highly educated international technicians. We created core-creative that developed in to 2 different ad campaigns featuring “The Specialists Behind the Projects”, telling AGI-personel's stories. We proposed an on-camera interview approach that creates content not only for advertising, but also for trade shows, presentations, the corporate website and general customer education.

Above: Campaign featuring the headline "We're all AGI" the goal being to assimilate the 30 individual companies that make up the parent company.


Right: The hexagonal shape is part of AGI's design guide. It is used as a way to breakdown the different disciplines. We updated the look while maintaining clarity and corporate graphic standards.


Below: AGI taglines and footer graphics featuring the line "Seamless. Trusted. Global".