Commemorative poster for the Arts & Letters Toronto 2024

The history of The Arts & Letters Toronto is on display in the lounge area in the form of 116 commemorative posters, frame touching frame, one for each year since the club started. Covering several walls, one can see the trends in Canadian art and design through the years. Starting with the exquisite typographic designs of JEH MacDonald in the early part of the 20th Century, Art Nouveau and Deco-inspired posters through the Great War years, Modernist graphics between the wars, mod renditions through the sixties and seventies, experimental works both analog and for the first time as digital prints in the 1990’s, through the end of the millennium to the vastly creative juxtapositions of style and individuality in current years. Typographic, photographic, painterly, sculptural, collage, embroidery, cartoon, even a bronze cast, the members honoured with the this commission have never disappointed or failed to surprise. The A&L now celebrates it’s 2nd century, the poster for 2023-2024 takes its place on the wall of fame June 6, 2024 at the Annual Executive Board Meeting.